Space Frontier: How to Push Your High Score to New Heights

Here's some tips on how to max out your high-flying high score in Ketchapp's latest hit

Space Frontier is the latest game from hit developer Ketchapp -- and though you may not have known it, you've probably heard of their work before. Some of their past works include Ballz, Stack, and (by far their biggest title) 2048. Now, Space Frontier is taking Ketchapp's "apps-pertise" to space in a fun, timing-based game. 

The idea of Space Frontier is simple: launch your rocket into space and get as high as you can by tapping, which jettisons the lowest part of your ship.  In Space Frontier, each segment of your ship holds a set amount of fuel, and your rocket uses that fuel to fly further. When that segment's fuel is used up, tapping it will jettison it and start using the next segment's fuel. If you don't tap in time, however, your ship will explode, and your game will be over.

Time Your Taps Appropriately

The trick to this game is to tap at the right time, just as your fuel runs out, to get the most bang for your buck. You can track your fuel consumption with a helpful fuel meter towards the bottom of the screen. Keep an eye on that meter -- because once you hit empty, you can kiss your shuttle goodbye. But even beyond the basic functions of the game, there's a few other ways to get the most mileage out of your mini-missile.

Tap too soon, and this could be you.

When tapping to release your different rocket pieces, keep an eye on the notification that pops up when you do. If it says something like "Ok" or "Great", you hit it too early. If you're right on the money, you'll see a notification pop that says "Perfect!" with some starry decals. Trying to time these can be difficult, but getting the most perfects you can is essential for maxing out your score. 

Invest in Better Rockets

In addition to well-timed taps, another way to get some more distance is to max out your rocket's capabilities. Using in-game currency, you can unlock not only different rockets, but also upgrades for the rockets.

Different rockets can fly different distances, have different fuel consumption times, and also have different amounts of thrust. Experiment with different rockets to see which works best for you.

Upgrades can also be bought for the rocket in use before you blast off, so make sure to get as many upgrades as you can as well if you're aiming to really make the leap into outer space. So long as you keep in mind all of these tricks, you'll be breaking the stratosphere in no time.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and explore that final frontier! And if you've found any other strategies that have helped you get out-of-this-world scores, leave a note in the comments below!


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Published Aug. 17th 2017

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