New Update to Solve GTA Online Issues...'Bout Time!

A new patch to GTAV online mode will address reported game progress loss and other issues.

Never-ending loading screens, disappearing guns and ammo, characters missing in action, and other equally infuriating shenanigans have been plaguing GTA Online. If you've had it up to here with all the nonsense, try not to go into a wrath fueled gamer rage, as Rockstar is already on it!

Today Rockstar released the second major title update for Grand Theft Auto Online on PlayStation 3, which will address lost game progress issues and other equally aggravating technical bugs. The patch will also be available on Xbox 360 by tomorrow "at the latest."

While the patch does clear up some issues, as of now it does not address all items and property, which a lot of players are in uproar about losing. Whoops. Of course Rockstar has thanked players for their continued patience (and for not going on a homicidal rampage) and are doing all they can to reassure us all that they are diligently working to resolve the issues.

"We apologize for the problems some players have been experiencing with lost characters or game progress due to this issue – please stay tuned for updates as we continue to investigate this." Rockstar stated: "Please also stay tuned or subscribe to the GTA Online Status Updates article at the Rockstar Support site for the latest word on common known technical issues and fixes."

Good. Cause I was getting REAL tired of seeing this.

Some of the more major fixes in the update include:
  • Fixes multiple issues causing character deletion or other loss of progress
  • Fixes issues causing infinite loading, infinite sky cams, and missing interface options between jobs
  • Fixes an issue causing the "replay" option to be locked out on certain jobs
  • Fixes an issue causing the loss of guns and ammo
  • Fixes issues causing GTA races ending early because of players spawning too far ahead
  • Fixes issues in Last Team Standing where sessions would not progress past the lobby

For the full list of the fixes included in the update, check out the Rockstar site for extended details. In the meantime do yourself a favor and never forget Rule Number 1 of the gaming commandments: Thou shall always save! Well you know, unless you prefer risking all of your hard-earned progress. What can I say, some of you like living on the edge.

Otherwise, heed Rockstar's warning and save before quitting your daily rampage on GTA Online, which can be done by exiting to the single-player menu. But then again, I shouldn't have to tell you that.

Published Oct. 10th 2013
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