Man Breaks World Record in Dark Souls Speed Run

The world record for an any% speedrun of Dark Souls has been broken - but the record holder still isn't happy.

Twitch user Kahmul78 has broken the 50 minute Dark Souls speed run world record - and he's still not satisfied with his performance.

Shown in the video above, Kahmul78 is now the current world record holder for any% Dark Souls speed runs with a 49:55, utilizing strategies that saved roughly 35 seconds and allowed him to break the previous record of 50 minutes by five seconds.

Even so, he claims disappointment, telling followers of his channel that if they want to see a truly good speed run, they should check out what he considers to be his personal best from January 7 at 50:09. This new world record was set on January 18, but he expects he will beat it again before long - and with a better performance than this one.

For those readers unfamiliar with speed runs, any% speed runs are runs in which the player attempts to complete the game as fast as possible, with no other restrictions on their gameplay. This is more challenging than an any% kiln skip speed run, in which players take advantage of a glitch in the game that allows them to skip nearly all of the second half of the game. Any% is less challenging, though, than All Bosses - a speedrun category in which the player must defeat all bosses in the game, while still finishing the game as fast as possible.


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Published Sep. 8th 2017

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