Are These Really League of Legend's Top 10 Champions?

This is definitely going to draw some heated opinions... is known for their love of Top 10 lists. They're typically well made and cover about, well, every subject under the sun. They've always taken to putting out plenty of game content through the years without any regard for how prickly the gaming community tends to be. This tends to backfire on them from time to time. 

We found this Top 10 League of Legends Champions list and knew it'd be rife with very divisive opinions. You can watch this and get heated by the amount of years old game play and dated characters but don't give them too much grief. They're basing this list from a lot of user submitted voting and public polls. So when characters you loathe or can't stand make the top end of the cut, remember that this follows the "Family Feud" rule: It's not about what's correct, it's about what most people think.  


Published May. 16th 2016
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    Using old footage shows how little effort they're willing to put in. Darius specifically highlights his old kit. I'm unimpressed by this video and it loses all legitimacy it could have had with current footage.

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