Latest Magic Legends Update Adds Pyromancer Class

The Magic Legends update also includes a new story chapter plus a bundle of bug fixes and overall improvements.

The latest Magic Legends update adds a the Pyromancer, a brand-new class that's free to grab until May 24. It also includes Magic Legends Pyromancer spells and costumes in the Battlepass' free tier in addition to a new story chapter and some quality of life improvements.

The Pyromancer is a ranged spellcasting unit aligned with Red Mana, because of course, and their spells affect the battlefield as well as your foes.

The new Magic Legends story chapter is Act IV: Chasing Answers, where the Planeswalker makes itself known in Benalia.

Some of the QoL enhancements include a quick play feature that lets you choose a story and ordeal before adding you to a quick play queue immediately, plus some streamlining to the start of the game for new players.

All this is in addition to a slew of improvements to the overall experience, and you can check the full patch notes out on the Magic Legends blog.


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Published May. 21st 2021

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