Rockstar Targets GTAO Cheaters and Counterfeit GTA$

Feel like cheating in GTAO? Rockstar strongly advises against it.

Cheaters ruin a great experience. Rockstar acknowledges this, which is why they won't take it easy on such individuals.

If you weren't aware, Grand Theft Auto Online just went through a maintenance update, which started at 9 p.m. EDT last night and continued into today. After completion, the developer posted an important update at their website. They plan to remove all the counterfeit in-game currency distributed in the past several weeks. Furthermore, they've taken corrective measures to punish players who actively engaged in any form of cheating.

However, if you didn't actively exploit the progression system, you won't be targeted. If you received counterfeit GTA$ from others, it will be deleted from your account, but you can keep any previously purchased items. So, in other words, if you've received fake cash and it's still in your possession, I strongly suggest that you spend it... quickly.

Those who went out of their way to cheat will be subject to various forms of punishment, including assignment to cheater-specific player pools. If you were a particularly bad boy (or girl), you might be facing a permanent ban.

I don't get the cheating culture

There are gamers out there who live to cheat. It's basically all they want to do if they go online. They think it's funny. I fail to see the fascination because really, I'm not impressed in the slightest; you cheated because you couldn't handle the challenge everyone else is facing. On top of which, even if you don't care what other people think, how is cheating even remotely fulfilling? You know you didn't achieve. Maybe you don't care but deep down, a part of you has to care.

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Published Jan. 16th 2014
  • Venisia Gonzalez
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    I never understood the point of the cheaters either. Just earn it like everyone else.

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