Excitement Surges With The Elder Scrolls Online New Launch Trailer

The Elder Scrolls Online unveils an epic cinematic, adding to the excitement of the MMO's launch.

Bethesda Softwarks and Zenimax Online Studios celebrate the official launch of the sought-after MMORPG, The Elder Scrolls Online, with a lavish, aesthetic cinematic. 

The trailer features a stunning display of massive brawls between the three alliances and an overrun Imperial City. Named "The Seige," the 5-minute video invokes a sense of urgency as the Molag Bal force the alliances to settle their differences to survive:

Fans are raving over the trailer, and for good reason. Besides the incredible graphics, the storyline just begs for the audience to take up arms, and save Cyrodiil, the capital province of the Empire in Tamriel.

While The Elder Scrolls Online is expected to launch on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this June, it is now officially available on the PC.

To register for an account and download the game you can visit the official Elder Scrolls Online site here

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Published Apr. 4th 2014

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