Haemish Plays Smite For The First Time!

I played Smite and really enjoyed it. Here's why!

Hey guys!

So I figured, after such a long lapse of time spent procrastinating, that I would give Smite (a game which I thought completely copied many aspects of League of Legends, one of my favorite games) a shot.


The Tutorial

I started off with the newbie tutorial. I really enjoyed this tutorial. It accomplished its job very quickly and efficiently. It reminded me of the basic mechanics of farming, the jungle monster camps, laning against and opponent and siegeing towers.


First Match

Following the tutorial, I was able to get into a classic 5v5 triple lane match after a 2:00 queue time. I chose to play the same champion that I played in the tutorial, Neith, the Weaver of Fate, an Egyptian God.

I decided to solo the mid lane. I was met with the enemy solo laner. He was playing Agni, a flame throwing magic caster.

From the beginning, due to my skill in league and the fact that I was playing against level 1-5s, I was able to completely control my lane. I managed to get 3 kills before the minions even showed up in lane. I won't go into GREAT detail on the match but I finished with a record of 14-6-8 with 2 double kills. We won the match.



I can't really state a viable opinion on this matter since I played ONE match. However, in that one match I did not encouhter a single toxic player. No harrassing pr verbal abuse was part of my first match.


God Select

In my first match, I played Neith, The Weaver of Fate. Neith is a ranged physical carry. She esthetically resembles a mix of Ashe and Sivir (League of Legends) and her ability kit is filled with high damage and Crowd Control. She even has an escape.

There are melee Gods as well as range. Physical damage as well as magic. There are also those standard MOBA player roles. Assassins, Carries, Tanks, Bruisers and Supports. All with completely different ability kits. Some are more glass cannon oriented while some are heavy CC while others are heavy utility and sustain.


Game Mechanics

You use your left-click to auto attack and then 1-2-3-4 are set by default for your abilities. You have to last hit the minions to get that gold. Killing enemy players also grant you great gold rewards. There are buffs that you can obtain to increase move speed, attack damage and mana pool by clearing jungle camps. Overall, quite similar to DotA and League of Legends.



There is Favor, which is earned after every match, win or lose. With this, you can purchase Gods, Skins and other perks.
The second currency is one you have to buy with real money. It's called Gems. Gems are useful for those who are maybe a little more impatient and who like the different esthetic options available for purchase. Gods, voice packs and skins can be purchased with Gems.


Game Settings

I loved the graphics. When I first entered the game, the default resolution was 1024x768. As soon as I switched it to my lovely 1920x1080 resolution, everything looked so crisp and fluid. The sound effects also sounded quite authentic.


Final Thoughts

Overall, I had a lot of fun and would consider this game as equally enjoyable as League of Legends, minus the terribly cruel player community of LoL (this based on the one match I have played). The gameplay wasn't difficult. Just make sure to get good at landing skill shots.

I can't wait to continue playing and discovering other Gods (champions) and skins, which are obtained with in game currency known as Favor (gained after every match) or with a different in-game currency which is obtained with real money.

I highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys the standard Hack N Slash MOBA style game or MMORPG.

Please leave your comments below!

Until next time,
Haemish the Gamer


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I played Smite and really enjoyed it. Here's why!

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Published Jun. 18th 2020

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