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Free puzzle game-Paint Fruit Crush

posted by 7 years ago

Well hey guys!
This is my first time in this forum!
So I want to present you my game called”Paint Fruit Crush”

It's a lovely game, the rule is simple, easy to control, gentlely moving your fingers, connect the lovely fruits.
>>>Easy to play, hard to Control;
>>>Classical Model and challenging Model are here for you;
>>>Cute UI;
>>>Cool Music;
>>>Keep playing it, new element will arise;
>>>Suitable for all ages;
>>>Share it.

Free to get:

All I ask you guys is to enjoy the game and reply here a feedback with good ideas and tips hoe to improve the game 

  • Lumpyyy
    Up! Please help us improve.
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    Please try to play the game and reply here your comments. Thanks!
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    We really hope you enjoy the game and look forward to hearing from you.
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    We'd love to hear your suggestions and comments!
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    Let us know what you think.
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    Please help us improve.
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    Pleaseeeee reply here.
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    Up! Please reply.
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    Up! Please laeve your review.
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    Up! Please reply.
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    We hope you guys enjoy Paint Fruit Crush and we welcome any feedback you can give us!
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    We truly need your feedback. It helps us improve.

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