Using Minecraft to Help Kids Learn Video Game Design

Minecraft helps kids learn everything from game design, arts, maths, geography languages and history.

Minecraft is a game that took the gaming world by storm just a few years ago. The game was created by Markus Persson, a Swedish game designer, popularly known as Notch. The game revolves around a block-based universe where it’s all about building. Everything in the game is in the form of destructible blocks, which can be collected and be laid into anything that the players desire.

It is at its most fundamental level, a sandbox game where there is no real goal as such. Regardless of the fact that the game has no real goal, it has found a great deal of enthusiasm among the gaming community.

There has been considerable buzz around it, given its unique nature and the way that it stands out from other games in the gaming market place.

At VisionTech, this game is being used in an effort to better teach them about the concept of video game design.

Some of the interesting camps being offered are:

1. Minecraft 3D Game Design

This happens to be one of the most popular camps of Minecraft being offered. In the camp, students will get to learn the basics of how to design a game in Minecraft, as well as its technical aspects regarding how everything runs. The camp teaches how to design a simple game in Minecraft, using in game elements as their overall interaction with the environment.

2. Adventures In Minecraft

This is but an advanced camp that also teaches how to design a game in Minecraft. In this camp, the students will learn far more than they did when they studied the game’s basics.

This camp involves the creation of command blocks, customized maps as well as resource packs to enhance the overall game playing experience.

3. Minecraft Modpack Development

Humans have never been satisfied with what they have. They have always gone on the lookout for something that suits their individual tastes. And when something didn’t suit it, they sought to modify anything and everything to make it suit their interests.

This need for human individuality doesn’t stop offline. It extends into the online world as well. There are today plenty of people going about modifying Minecraft to suit their individual tastes and preferences.

The students will learn everything they need with regards to the basics of creating mudpacks.

4. Minecraft Modding Camp

The Minecraft modding camp will take things to a whole new level when it comes to modding. This is quite similar to modding, with the only exception being that the student learns a whole lot more than what they would have, at the basic level. It is simply put, an advanced class when it comes to modding minecraft game design camp.

5. Minecraft Server Setup

Minecraft offers both single as well as multiplayer versions.

In the single player, as the title suggests, a player is left to play alone, often offline.

On the other hand, those games that are played in multiplayer mode require an internet connection and can have thousands of players at a time. This multiplayer mode is a rage in the Minecraft community, as users are able to play with those who share the same interest in this sandbox world of adventure.

The students learn everything about how to set up a server, its maintenance and everything in between.

As a whole, the camps being offered are top notch, enabling students to learn as well as play at the same time. It is certainly something that students ought to go for, if they have an interest in the world of gaming.

Note: the author is affiliated with VisionTech Camps.


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Published Oct. 20th 2017

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