11 Best Characters in the Dead or Alive 6 Roster

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Mila is a returning MMA character from DoA 5. Her fighting style is one of the most unique and unexpected in the whole series considering her mixed martial arts background. One of her combo strings allows her to mount opponents and shove them to the ground while punching them in the face.

There are two versions of this combo: one ends with a series of kicks and the other with punching. The first one is 4P, P, 6PK, 3T while the other is 4P, P, 3P, 3K, 66T.

It's a really neat trick that is very hard to break from, so if this kind of brutal attacking combo fits your style, then Mila should definitely be in consideration for your main.


Which of these Dead or Alive 6 characters do you find to be the strongest ones? Who did we leave off that should be added? 

Published Mar. 12th 2019

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