Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Making Its Way West

Square Enix and Hobby Japan's TCG, Final Fantasy TCG will be releasing its first set in North America on October 28th.

Square Enix is finishing up localizing its TCG game based on the hit series Final Fantasy. A highly popular game in Japan, FFTCG will be releasing in North America on October 28th. With 15 expansions totaling over 2,000 cards released in Japan over a 6 year period, there is already a large amount of content planned for North America.

Designed by Taro Kageyama, a card game champion, the game has received praise for its blend of luck, strategy, and fast play. Its versatility makes it appealing to all audiences rather than just Final Fantasy fans.

The first set, titled Opus 1, will contain 216 cards. Not only will original cards from the Japanese version be included, but new cards from World of Final Fantasy and Dissidia Final Fantasy, as well as the Final Fantasy VII Remake, are also in the set. For collectors, each card in this set will contain a foil version, making it a must have. 

For those looking to learn how to play FFTCG, the rules can be found here. For Final Fantasy players and collectors, is this something you will be investing in? 


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Published Sep. 30th 2016

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