EVE Online: Rubicon Deployable Details - Space Yurts, Hotdrop-Stoppers and Refuse Collectors

More titbits from the test server, with a quick look at the deployable units coming to EVE Online in the Rubicon expansion on 19th November.

In response to my video examination of features from the forthcoming Rubicon expansion, CCP Manifest, EVE Online's social media and PR guru, hinted that I'd only examined some of the features. 

Of course, Rubicon is still a work in progress, with release still nearly three weeks away, so not all features have made it to a publicly testable state. Nonetheless, I returned to the Singularity server today to see what else I could find.

Although not yet seeded to the market, it is possible to dig up the information on the three previously announced deployables which were not featured in my video. The corresponding blueprints were also available to view, but no material cost has yet been assigned to them, so opportunistic industrialists will have to wait a little longer to calculate exactly how over-priced they plan to make the first batches.

A few screengrabs later and here are the attributes for your examination and appreciation (obviously worth bearing in mind that it could all be different by release):

Mobile Depot

These deployable storage and refitting platforms are set to be released in three flavours; the basic mobile depot, the 'Yurt' and the 'Wetu' and are presumably designed to support the guerilla warfare gameplay suggested on the EVE: Rubicon features page, enabling pilots to store additional equipment 'in the field' and re-fit on the fly. Depots may well improve quality of life in certain areas and gameplay styles, including that of wormhole dwellers and explorers.

[Click image to enlarge.]

Cyno Inhibitor Units

Another device designed to support aggressive guerilla-style warfare by providing some protection against "hotdrops" (the sudden appearance of massive enemy fleets via a temporary jump portal created by a cynosural field generator) by preventing - or at least delaying - the successful hotdrop.

It's interesting to note that it will provide no protection against covert cynosural fields, meaning sub-capital black ops fleets could still engage.

[Click image to enlarge.] 

Mobile Tractor Unit

After the battle is won or lost, the vultures of space always descend upon the wreck-strewn battlefield to pick over the loot. Whilst the best kit is ransacked, the shattered shells of ships remain. Often awaiting the arrival of a dedicated salvaging ship to mop up the valuable parts. The Mobile Tractor Unit offers an alternative, slowly ("one-by-one") tidying the battlefield and gathering up the materials.  

[Click image to enlarge.]

Published Oct. 29th 2013

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