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Water is Always Annoying  

Master Chief Can’t Swim, the earlier GTA Protagonists can’t swim and Sonic can’t stay under water for extended periods of time. All of these heroes and more know that water always equals death. Most gamers know that Water levels or water in general can spell out their demise within seconds of seeing it.  Or at least their imminent frustration of slowed down gameplay and floating controls. Some games can do it right and they pull it off beautifully, but some games just don't.  One of the more infamous water based levels that killed off many of inexperienced player’s sanity was The Water Temple in Ocarina of Time, causing frustration to gamers even years later. One way or another, gamers will stumble across some sort of water level in a game and t will more than likely cause at least one death.

Published Jul. 19th 2014

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