Fox News Insists On Link Between Darks Souls and Craigslist Killings

Fox News says "Craiglist Killer" Miranda Barbour is a fan of the game Dark Souls.

Earlier this week, Miranda Barbour, widely known as the new “Craigslist Killer,” admitted to killing over 22 people across the US. While authorities have yet to find any truth to her claims, that hasn’t stopped Fox News from making assumptions about why she did it. At the top of their list? Dark Souls.

In a segment today on Fox News, Legal Analyst Peter Johnson Jr. discussed the plausibility of Barbour’s claims and offered “insight” about her possible motivation.

"We do know that she has an affinity for the fantasy game called Dark Souls which is a very dark, death-laden video game," Johnson said. "There’s a lot of killing involved."

While he doesn’t directly blame Dark Souls for Barbour’s actions, it’s curious that the game ended up on the same list as Barbour’s abusive childhood and a terminated pregnancy.

Johnson isn’t the first one to try and make this link either. Apparently Barbour mentioned Dark Souls on her Facebook page, which has caused some to believe that her “obsession” with fantasy gaming may have inspired her.   

Of course this isn’t the first time the media has blamed video games for inspiring violence - games like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty are constantly under scrutiny. But until it comes out that Barbour committed these murders in medieval armor with a crossbow, I don’t think I buy it.   

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Published Feb. 19th 2014
  • Fathoms_4209
    Featured Columnist
    Hey, FOX needs viewers, too. May as well just do what always guarantees attention: Use a video game as a scapegoat.

    Of course, that's business rather than journalism but then again, journalism these days holds more tenets of one rather than the other.
  • Richard Whelchel
    My favorite thing about Fox News is the amount of "digging" they make their equally naive interns do on stories like this.

    Part of the reason I veered away from the 24-hour news cycle when I got my degree in Journalism is because of shit like this. It's not just Fox, even CNN can be just as guilty when it comes to these half-assed correlations.

    In the end, successful news outlets only care about how well you do during "sweeps," and overall ratings -- not being watchdogs, or upholding the 4th estate.
  • Devilsmack
    So, I like Resident Evil so I should go out and re-create The Walking Dead in real life? Or maybe cuz I like soccer games that makes me a good sportsman? Geez, so much stupidity. Guess we should all thank someone for this guy not playing Leisure Suit Larry, right?
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    How ironic that their sister network shows The Following about people in a murderous cult. Maybe, its THEIR fault!

    Not sure what to expect from a guy with two phallic names - Peter Johnson.

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