Watch BattleBorn Honest Trailer Before Overwatch Makes Everyone Forget About It

Battleborn, the game that Gearbox swears is nothing like Overwatch, except that no one plays a healer when you need one.

Since they were both announced, everyone and their brother has been making comparisons between Blizzard's Overwatch and Gearbox's BattleBorn. Though the two have only a minimal amount in common outside of their general mechanics and sprawling character lists, one thing is for sure: the early reviews for both games put Overwatch in a much better standing than the issue-laden BattleBorn.

The guys over at Honest Trailers put together their hot take on the newest MOBA to beg for your attention and dollar and even they couldn't help but make the comparison to the looming 800-pound gorilla with a gorilla in the game that is Overwatch. Try not to laugh as they call out yet another game in the vein of League and SMITE where it's impossible to find a healer!


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Published May. 18th 2016

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