Tree of Savior extends Closed Beta Testing

Tree of Savior CBT extends to December 9th.

If you’ve enjoyed Tree of Savior so far during this closed beta testing (CBT) period, I have great news for you. IMC Games announced that they will be extending the 2nd CBT by two weeks -- meaning the CBT will end on December 9th, 11:00 PM Eastern. The Beta was originally supposed to end on November 25th. The purpose of this extension is so players can try out high level content, along with this announcement IMC Games confirmed that an EXP Boost Event will take place till the end of the CBT. All EXP earned from here on out will be doubled!

This is exciting news for any Tree of Savior beta tester. If you’re not familiar with Tree of Savior, it’s retro-styled MMORPG from the original creator of Ragnarök Online. If you’re not a fan of the sequel to Ragnarök Online, then Tree of Savior might be up your alley. But worry about not being in the closed beta at this time, open-beta should follow very shortly.

For any existing Tree of Savior beta testers, how has your experience been so far? Post on the comments below.  


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Published Nov. 21st 2015

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