Injustice - Cyborg Superman Skin Being Added to DLC

NetherRealms adds a new villain skin for Superman in their next DLC

With recent news that Zatanna, the mage with the nice legs, has been added as the next DLC character to the Injustice roster, another bit of news comes with her.

A new Superman skin, based on the Cyborg Superman is part of the $4.99 pack. He joins the Red Son of Krypton, Godfall, Lockdown and the New 52 as a nice variety for Man of Steel players 

If you're not familiar with him, Cyborg Superman is Hank Henshaw. In the DC canon, he was the last survivor of a tragic NASA expedition due to a solar flare (ala Marvel's Fantastic Four). Hank's mind was transferred into LexCorp's computer and later into a robotic body.

Crenshaw blames Superman for the failed mission and the deaths of his crewmates, which included his wife. So, when Superman is believed dead, Hank creates a Superman skin (ala Terminator) and passes himself off as the real thing.

I've not read the comics, but apparently when the real Supes comes back - he, Superboy, Supergirl and Steel kick Cyborg Superman's behind.


But, hey - now you can be this guy and kick some DC behind yourself.

Published Aug. 12th 2013

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