Dragon Quest Heroes Coming to PS4

Dragon Quest game with Dynasty Warriors Gameplay coming out in 2015 in the West.

Square Enix announced earlier this week that the latest in the Dragon Quest series is coming out in the West for the PS4 later this year.

Dragon Quest Heroes is the latest Dragon Quest game, although it is not like the usual line of RPGs for the series. Dragon Quest Heroes is a spin-off title that features Dynasty Warriors gameplay. Like Hyrule Warriors that released in late 2014, Dragon Quest Heroes will be another Dynasty Warriors-like game but set in the Dragon Quest universe. This marks the first full-scale action-RPG of the series. The game will feature original characters as well as a cast of returning characters

The game is designed by Akira Toriyama, known for his work for Chronotrigger, other Dragon Quest titles and for creating the Dragonball franchise. The studio developing the game is Omega Force, the studio that develops the Dynasty Warriors series and last year's Hyrule Warriors, so we know the title is in good hands.

The title has already released over in Japan and has received good reviews from foreign review sites. The game is set to release this year but the exact date is still unknown.


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Published Mar. 2nd 2015

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