YouTuber recreates Battle of Helm's Deep in Fallout 4

Remake of Battle of Helm's Deep set in Fallout 4 with the Brotherhood of Steel and the Minutemen against Super Mutants.

YouTuber Cosmic Contrarian has made many videos of different types of epic battles in Fallout 4. This time, they decided to take inspiration from Lord of the Rings

In their epic remake of the Battle of Helm's Deep from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, the Brotherhood of Steel and the Minutemen fight against hordes of Super mutants and Super mutant behemoths. 

The video takes you through the battle with some easily identifiable crossovers with the famous scene.

Even the cinematography of the video align with the movie, including the color palette of the battle and the dramatic slow motion shots of the destruction of the battle.

My favorite part was when the Super Mutant suicider ran towards the wall with their mini nuke in hand and tried to blow a way into the stronghold. Just like in the movie. 

All I have to ask though is where is Paladin Danse tossing Preston and MacCready skateboarding down the stairs while shooting the Super Mutants?


Geeky gamer with a BA in Anthropology who liked playing Shadows of Mordor for the insight into Orc/Uruk hai society.

Published Jan. 27th 2016

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