Hearthstone: How To Draft Arena After Patch 10.4

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These choices may seem a bit underwhelming, and they are. However, though it's not the pick for me here, I've had great experiences with Counterspell in the past. I'm not a fan of Doppelgangster unless I'm playing a Paladin or Shaman. Shrieking Shroom can be a game-winning 3-drop if coined onto an empty board when going second.

1. Shrieking Shroom

2. Counterspell

3. Doppelgangster


If you've gotten this far, good job! I hope this guide served you well in better understanding the thought process that goes into building an Arena deck, and how a seemingly worse card can often be picked over a better card based on synergies. Thank you for reading, and for other Hearthstone news, reviews, and guides, please stay tuned to GameSkinny!

Published Mar. 19th 2018

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