Gord is a Dark Fantasy Strategy Game Full of Horrors

Covenant, a new Polish studio, reveals more about Gord, including its setting, survival elements, quest systems, and more.

Covenant teased their new game, Gord, on April 8 with a tantalizing if short trailer. Now the brand-new studio headquartered in Poland has revealed more details about their debut title. It's a single-player dark fantasy strategy game launching on PC in 2022, and it features procedural generation, city-building, and much more.

You can watch the new reveal trailer below, which shows what looks to be a mixture of genres, with some of the gameplay treading closer to CRPG territory than strategy. Of course, we'll have to wait and see more. 

The world of Gord is dark and dangerous, filled to the brim with many vile and terrifying creatures, all of which, even the trees, want you dead. Players will venture deep into the forest to protect their people while also managing to survive and "prosper" through different city-building elements. 

Very interestingly, Gord will also feature custom scenarios in which players can affect details like weather severity, enemy type, starting resources, level size, and more. Once players have picked their favorite scenarios, the procedurally generated levels that follow promise to keep them on the ball as they try to stay alive. 

The game will also feature sanity and burden systems that see players juggling various gameplay aspects, such as hunger and illness, that affect the psychology of various villagers. On top of that, combat will feature both melee and spell-based attacks, though not much has been shared about those mechanics just yet. 

This is Covenant's debut title as a new studio, which was recently founded by former CD Projekt Red and 11 bit studios producer Stan Just. For more on Gord, stay tuned to GameSkinny. We're sure to watch this one closely. Wishlist it on Steam


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Published Apr. 12th 2021

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