Live Action Legend of Zelda Series in the Works?

The Legend of zelda could be coming to Netflix, in live-action form. Somebody play the treasure-chest music!

In the past, Nintendo has stated that they want to expand their brand and get out of their comfort zone at times for their beloved characters. It would appear that the Legend of Zelda franchise is up next for "coming out of the comfort zone." Netflix and Nintendo are working together to create a Legend of Zelda live-action series. The series is still in early development, but it shows that Nintendo is going about things a little differently. They just might be going back to their old-school roots. What I mean by that is Nintendo could be turning the clock back to the time of the Super Mario Brothers Super Show and the Legend of Zelda animated series to show that they're ready to take franchises in different directions.

This news, along with the Super Mario Sony movie that was rumored in the past can only be called rumors. If this does actually happen, it would be nice if people who actually know the Legend of Zelda brand are brought in as writers/work on the show so they actually know how to tell a story about the Hero of Hyrule, Link. Link must rescue Princess Zelda, and you wouldn't want it any other way, right? It will be interesting to see if this actually becomes a reality, and how people will look back on it. Will it be like the Super Mario Bros movie, which people prefer to pretend never happened, or will we remember it fondly?

"Excuse me, Princess!" It needed to be said!


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Published Feb. 7th 2015

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