There may be hope for fixing No Man's Sky

Annoyed by the constant bugs and glitches of No Man's Sky? Well, so are the developers.

The sci-fi survival/explorer game, No Man's Sky, has not been surviving it's release. A litany of bugs and glitches have been damping the experience for players. Hello Games has been paying attention to this, and is currently working on a patch to fix these issues so players can get their money's worth.

Unfortunately, the release date of the patch is not official yet. This means players may not get the solution to their problems any time soon.

While the patch for the big bugs and glitches won't be dropped as soon as players might hope, Hello Games is working to ensure that every problem gets resolved -- including the minor ones, such as being unable to move freely by using your jetpack, or just calling your lost ship by using signal beacons.

This is only a fraction of the problems that Hello Games intend to fix. The only thing players can do now is be patient and hope for the best.


Published Aug. 15th 2016

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