Anti-Anita Sarkeesian posters seen plastered at E3, #GamerGate supporters to blame?

The 'Fem Freak' posters seen at E3 could be an attack on Anita Sarkeesian, an attempt at sabotaging GamerGate, or an outside party just looking to stir up trouble.

Derogatory posters of Anita Sarkeesian were seen plastered all over the area surrounding E3.  

A new twitter account called @femfreakE3 claims credit for them.

The poster in question labels features a black and white photo of Sarkeesian's face, with the label 'Fem Freak' in bold text.  This is accompanied by the caption 'All your tropes are belong to us, honey'.  

Printed all across the background is the GamerGate hashtag, in light gray text.

As was intended, they did not go unnoticed.  These posters have already sparked a good deal of new criticism of GamerGate.

IGN Editor Mitch Dyer is one of those speaking out.

But was it really GamerGate?

There is also an ongoing discussion about whether this was actually the work of GamerGate supporters.

While some seem to be in favor of the posters, many GamerGate supporters condemn the person responsible.

Some even argue that these posters are a 'false flag operation' meant to garner sympathy for Sarkeesian.

An outside party?

It is even possible that this was the work of an outside party with completely unrelated motivations.

Game journalist Oliver Campbell points out that it could be an advertising campaign, riding on the sensationalism for attention.

In addition, an article on Destructoid made the claim that a group called Unsavory Agents was behind the posters and that:

The group is also known to place razor blades underneath these posters to cause harm to those who try to remove them. 

The latter statement was subsequently retracted as it was unsourced.  In addition, while Unsavory Agents does exist, their work seems to be predominantly politically based, and they do not seem to have any affiliation with video game related issues.

Overall it is still unclear what motives drive the party behind these posters. However, there seems to be a general consensus that it was in exceedingly poor taste.

What's your take on this? Who do you think may be responsible? Let us know in the comments below!

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Published Jun. 10th 2020
  • Ashley Shankle
    Associate Editor
    Honestly, anyone GG isn't going to be using 10 year old memes as seen on those posters. They were clearly made by people who have no grasp on internet and gaming culture. Kind of cringy, like someone still making Chuck Norris jokes in an MMO thinking it's still the "in" thing to do.

    GG are also big on avoiding big scenes like this, so honestly I do not believe these signs have anything actually to do with GG.

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