12/10 CS:GO Update Revamps Train, Nerfs CZ-75

New CS:GO update nerfs CZ-75 and revamps de_train.

Valve has released a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update that introduced a revamped version of de_train as well as changes to the CZ-75.

CZ-75 magazine size has been reduced to 8 with 2 other mags for reserve. Also fire rate has been reduced, damage reduced, draw time has been increased with a new animation, and the kill reward has been reduced to an amount 1/3 of what it was. The CS:GO community, including notable figures such as Adam "friberg" Friberg, have been calling for nerfs to the CZ-75.

Besides those 2 major changes, M4A1-S price has been upped to $3100 from $2900, the deagle price reduced to $700 from $800, and they gave the Tec-9 a new firing sound.

Also in typical Valve fashion they have implented the usual Christmas seasonal changes which include a more festive holiday death-cam and the return of gifts you can purchase and give to other CS:GO players.

Full patch notes can be found here.

First Impressions/My Thoughts

I've played 4 full matches on the new version of de_train and quite frankly I love it so far. It's easily the best looking CS:GO map I've played. The whole Soviet Union-esque theme and the kind of orange/yellow color scheme look really good. As far as balance goes, I'm no top-tier player getting the map down to a science, but from a limited amount of play time and my casual standpoint they seem to have ironed out some of the balance issues. The outer bomb-site A seems strides easier to take on terrorist side largely due the changes they've made to the T-spawn connector. No longer is it just a tight choke point, they've changed it so it's much more open and also it's covered from the Z connector by the A bomb train. I can't yet comment on the B bomb-site as I haven't had too much time to try and take it with a team, but it doesn't seem like it has changed a whole lot, although again more professional teams/players might find otherwise.

As far as the CZ nerf goes, it's really great to see Valve responding to the community like this. From the little bit i have used it, it feels like it might finally be toned down to an appropriate level. I remember one situation in particular where I had an enemy run me past with his back turned, I missed a couple shots from the 8 round clip, it wasn't enough to finish him off which lead to my demise. I literally would have been better just off knifing him in the back.

The only other comment I have to make on the patch is that, if the M4A1-S is going to cost the same as the M4A4, I feel it needs to have more bullets. I know they made this change due to the fact that something like 80% of the pros in the last DreamHack Winter tournament used the M4A1-S, but it seems a bit expensive when you consider the fact you can only do a small amount of spamming with it which can be huge in CS:GO.

Some screenshots of the remodeled de_train.


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Published Dec. 12th 2014

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