Game Of Thrones- A Video Game?

Game Of Thrones comes to gamers world-wide.

If you have HBO, or have read the books, chances are you know about Game of Thrones. The series has spiked in popularity over the last two years, based off the books by George R.R. Martin. This last season was one of the most popular yet, and as far as we know, Martin has signed a contract for two more seasons already. 

But did you know there was a video game? 

Game Of Thrones- The Game is an RPG for Ps3, Xbox, and PC. George R.R Martin helped work on the game, as well as the characters. 

The story takes place in the time period of the first novel of Martin's series, with two characters to choose from: Mor (Brother of the Night's Watch) and Alester (Red Priest). Each has different quests that lead you through the series, with familiar characters and landscapes. The game contains over 30 hours of game play. 

Environments include familiar places such as The Wall, Castle Black, the Red Keep, and King's Landing to keep die-hard fans entertained, as well as those just starting with the series. 

Overall, the game gives you your classic RPG experience, while bringing you through the mystical lands of Westoros and beyond. 

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Platforms PC
Published Jun. 14th 2013

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