Is EA Bringing Back The Desert Strike Series?

Electronic Arts fuels speculation that the Desert Strike series may return after the company files two separate trademarks for the game.

Electronic Arts recently filed two trademarks applications that have raised speculation that EA might be attempting to revive the Desert Strike series of video games.  The original Desert Strike was released in early 1992 and was a both a critical and commercial success.

Electronic Arts eventually released five games in that series which included Desert Strike, Jungle Strike, Urban Strike, Soviet Strike and Nuclear Strike.  The first three games in the series were released during the 16-bit era which was dominated by the Super Nintendo and the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis systems, and all three were well-received by game critics.

This was cutting-edge back in 1992.  Oh, how far we've come!

The final two games, Soviet Strike and Nuclear Strike, were released later on the 32-bit systems such as the Sony Playstation.  Nuclear Strike is the last game in the series to be released to date and that was back in 1997!

Players could control other vehicles in later games in the series.

So, EA filing for two new trademarks for the Desert Strike series is very interesting because the series has been dormant for 16 years!  Or to give you some insight to how long ago that was, I believe that I would have been in second grade...and I'm a senior in college now. 

However, the trademark applications do not give an insight to EA's plans other than the name is Desert Strike.  It remains to be seen what will come of the applications and whether EA releases any information.

Writing this article has brought back memories and definitely caused some nostalgia, so hopefully EA will come through with these new trademarks and produce a new Desert Strike.  Based on the images I had to use, the games might not look like much but they were very innovative for the time, and there is no telling what EA could produce given today's technology.

Any other gamers out there remember the Desert Strike series or am I making myself look old?  Let me know if you ever got the chance to play any of the Desert Strike games and what you thought about it/them.


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Published Dec. 4th 2013
  • Tre_2421
    I just want to know is there any other way to play the Desert Strike series on any other game system because I have no SNES? Also, was this series available on the original NES?

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