Landmark's Unique Beta Bargain Releases onto Steam

The good and bad of buying into Landmark's beta access.

Sony Online Entertainment's Landmark was released onto Steam Early Access May 13, but there are a few things to know before buying into the closed beta session.

Access to the game is being offered at a price of $19.99, which provides players unrestricted access to the beta and some exclusive items. In addition players can purchase the Explorer Pack for $59.99 or the Trailblazer Pack for $99.99, each of which include their own special in-game items. The Trailblazer Pack also gives buyers four sharable beta keys and their name in the game's credits.

According to the games FAQ sectionLandmark is a creative online sandbox where players can explore and build, and is intended to be the "backbone" for EverQuest Next.

Despite the game coming with a price tag in this beta stage, Landmark will be free-to-play upon full release. Some gamers may want to consider testing their patience and waiting to play free rather than buying in early for the beta benefits.

Those who have already entered into the beta may be disappointed to find that there will be no special keys made available for them to play on Steam. Instead, Director of Development David Georgeson told players to add the game as a "non-Steam game" if they wanted to attach it to Steam. This, however, is a limited option compared to experiencing Steam through a game purchased or activated through the service.

Even paying for the beta does not guarantee players' build and progress will carry over into the full release. A note from the developers made this clear on Landmark's steam page:

"Landmark is in Closed Beta. That means we are still adding core feature sets and that updates are happening weekly. Everything in the game is currently subject to change, which includes the possibility of wipes."

Players should also know before spending money on Landmark that it will operate only on the 64-bit version of Windows 7.

Landmark is perhaps unique, however, in that players may actually be able to earn their money back by playing the game. Player Studio support will allow creators in the game to submit their creations with the chance to earn royalties through the marketplace.

Paying for a soon free-to-play game may not be everyone's idea of a bargain, but passionate EverQuest gamers with confidence in their creative side may find it worth their while

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Published May. 16th 2014
  • Landon Sommer
    Checked it out and it looks good. I'm sure an editor beat me to it, though. For some reason my link to edit was gone.

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