PS4 May Be Backwards Compatible in the Future

Sony is working on backwards compatibility.

If there is one thing I have always wanted to have with recent consoles, is the option to have backwards compatibility. I know that the original PS3 had backwards compatibility, but the later slim models did not. Then when PS4 came out, I got another crushing disappointment.

But it seems that the team over at has caught a tweet that seemed to miss everyone's radar. Ashan Rasheed, a notable industry insider, has tweeted some very interesting information:

So it seems that Sony is working on some backwards compatibility after all. Not just with emulations and Playstation Now, this could mean that you can use actual PS1 and PS2 discs. This is the news I have waited for, it's hook-line-and-sinker for me now. I grew up on the classics of PS1 and PS2, and thankfully I still have all of my games.

Mr. Rasheed has also claimed that a certain titles will be able to render in 1080p. If Sony does go through with this excellent idea, will you be more inclined to buy a PS4?

You can read the full article at Extreme Tech.


I like metal and video games :D

Published Mar. 27th 2014
  • TheKillingWords
    IGN ran this story 2 or so months ago from Sony themselves.
  • Stephen Ranger
    @Ryu: Dedicated Hardware is not required for emulation of PS1-3. The original PS3 had PS2 hardware in it, but the second version did not; it emulated it in software.

    I already have a PS4 but it would allow me to get my PS3 out of my entertainment center which would be awesome!
  • Ryu Sheng
    I think the Ps1/PS2/Ps3 backwards compatibility will come from the streaming side of things. Especially since the PS4 dosen't have the hardware for backwards compatibility.
  • Chris Coccaro
    Exciting! I was hoping I wouldn't have to replace my PS1/2 titles for digital

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