How to Play Post Scriptum Before Release

Learn how to start playing Post Scriptum prior to its release on Steam with the help of our step-by-step guide.

Post Scriptum is the latest WWII first-person shooter on Steam. It has just entered its beta testing period, and you can take part in it by pre-ordering the game.

If you like fast-paced World War-themed shooters with the main focus on squad tactics, then this game is definitely for you. Follow our quick guide below for all the basic information on how to start playing Post Scriptum right now.

Step 1: Pre-order the Game

You can start playing Post Scriptum by simply pre-ordering it on the game's Steam page. Then, go to your library and install the Test Server. This will give you the chance to join over 30,000 players from all over the world currently playing the game.

Step 2: Choose Your Mode

Currently, there are three modes of gameplay available in Post Scriptum:

  • Infantry: Requires 9 players to take on different roles from medic to sapper in a common mission of seizing certain objectives.
  • Logistic: Requires 4 players that will deal with transporting supplies to the front and building fortifications.
  • Armored: Requires 4 players that want to operate tanks and other armored vehicles.

Step 3: Become a Leader

If you take on the role of squad commander, then you need to make sure that every component of your operation goes as smoothly as possible. Here are a few suggestions for future leaders:

  • Communications: Use radio to constantly stay in contact with your squadmates and other leaders. This is an essential point from which you can actually stay in control of your operation.
  • Planning: Always plan your actions and orders ahead of time. Be sure to regularly check on the progress of the operation to ensure it's going according to plan.
  • Support: You can use your map to call for various types of support by simply pressing RMB. You can order everything from strafing runs and bombs to artillery and supply drops.


That's all on how to start playing Post Scriptum prior to the game's official release, but be sure to come back soon for more guides here at GameSkinny!


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Published May. 27th 2018

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