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Sims 4 Apocalypse Challenge run

This is one really complicated challenge run. The Sims community is known pretty well for its "legacy challenges" and the apocalypse challenge run is one of them. Players must abide by a set of base rules, as well as by restrictions that change over the course of the game:

  1. Nothing can be used that would give an unfair advantage, such as cheats, custom content or mods. Apparently the Move Objects cheat is allowed after the job specific restrictions are lifted.
  2. Sims may not be aged up early.
  3. Infants and children may not be adopted.
  4. The game must be played using normal lifespans.
  5. Certain restrictions are only lifted when a Sim reaches the top of a career ladder, with each career having its own set of restrictions that can be lifted. When they are lifted the restricted actions are then allowed to all Sims in the household.
  6. The family being used must not change neighborhoods or move lots.

There is also a huge list of career-based restrictions that I will not list here, but can be found, along with lots of other legacy challenges, here. The game is won when all restrictions are lifted.

Published Jun. 17th 2015

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