Break the lease: Gaming's worst places to live

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Do you live in an apartment with an upstairs neighbor who dances every night in clogs at 3 in the morning? Or perhaps you're a home owner who just recently found out your house is haunted?

Regardless of your problem, it's not so bad! Trust me! It could be a lot worse. You could be a resident of these fictional video game towns. 

Image source: Nintendo Nerds

Published Sep. 15th 2015
  • Michael Slevin
    It has been said many times before but living in the Pokemon universe would be kinda terrifying.
  • David Fisher
    Featured Columnist
    Places not to live: Korhal or Mara Sara from Starcraft II. Both get invaded by a full-fledged assault by the Zerg swarm, and the latter gets vaporized by the Protoss. Bad days. Bad days indeed.
  • katlaborde
    Featured Contributor
    they definitely should have went to their landlord about the Zerg swarm. :P
  • Ainyan
    While we're at it, stay away from Old Tristram, New Tristram, and just about any town and city on Azeroth. :P
  • katlaborde
    Featured Contributor
    haha! true!
  • David Fisher
    Featured Columnist
    Can we just agree that you just shouldn't live anywhere in the Blizzard universes? :P
  • GameSkinny Staff
    100% agreed.

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