Bandai Namco Presents New Fighting Game Rise of Incarnates

Bandai Namco brings us a new fighter game Rise of Incarnates.

From the creators of the Soul Calibur and Tekken franchises, Bandai Namco brings us Rise of Incarnates.

Meteorites have fallen from the sky causing worldwide catastrophe with the spread of a massive cold front over several areas. This "cube phenomenon" has enveloped the world, and its people live in perpetual fear of what will become of their planet.

People with special abilities--dubbed "incarnates" roam the land. The incarnates possess damons, who can draw special powers from gods, demons, and monsters present in ancient mythology. They are feared by the general public and the authorities wish to harness these powers for their own ends.

Does it have your attention?

Rise of Incarnates is a free, 2v2 fighter that takes place in real-life cities ravaged by massive cold fronts and the geological shifts across the planet. They're each on their own mission to "defeat the Sovereign of this era." This message means something different to each incarnate, so they fight.

The characters revealed thus far are Dr. Gasper Watteau (Grim Reaper)--who looks like a mad scientist to me, Terrence Blake (Ares), Mireia Valentin (Lilith), and Jedrek Tyler (Mephistopheles)--who looks badass. You can take a look at the characters and see their abilities here.

Rise of Incarnates is due out sometime in late 2014 on PC. You can sign up for the alpha via their website here.

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Published Apr. 22nd 2014
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    Multiplayer F2P brawler with a focus on teamwork and crazy powers? Call me curious...
  • Venisia Gonzalez
    Featured Columnist
    It definitely has caught my attention as well.

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