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Wizard of Warsaw's Favorite Pokemon

This JTP veteran and Senior Mentor made some very interesting choices for his list. While most people choose final evolutions as their favorites in these type categories, Wizard of Warsaw opted for the basic forms of their Grass and Fire choices, Chikorita and Fennekin. 

It's also pretty cool that Shuckle is his choice for the best Bug-type Pokemon. Like most Pokemon that don't evolve, Shuckle never seems to get much attention -- so it's nice to see this turtle-looking fellow get a spot as someone's favorite Bug Pokemon.

  • Grass: Chikorita
  • Fire: Fennekin
  • Water: Feraligatr
  • Normal: Bewear
  • Electric: Alolan Raichu
  • Psychic: Espeon
  • Fighting: Heracross
  • Rock: Tyranitar
  • Ground: Camerupt
  • Flying: Talonflame
  • Bug: Shuckle
  • Poison: Toxapex
  • Dark: Hydreigon
  • Ghost: Aegislash
  • Ice: Walrein
  • Steel: Kartana
  • Dragon: Salamence
  • Fairy: Togekiss
Published Sep. 6th 2017

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