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ActionJ4ck's Favorite Pokemon

Senior Mentor and guide writer extraordinaire ActionJ4ck compiled a list that consists mostly of Generation 3 and 4 Pokemon, with no Gen 1 Pokemon in sight. You might be thinking that Venusaur is a Generation 1 Pokemon -- but the form he's chosen here is actually Mega Venusaur, which wasn't introduced until Generation 6. 

All in all, this Pokemon fan has a nice spread of pocket companions that, for the most part, don't overlap in types.

  • Grass: Mega Venusaur
  • Fire: Infernape
  • Water: Swampert
  • Normal: Ambipom
  • Electric: Galvantula
  • Psychic: Metagross
  • Fighting: Scrafty
  • Rock: Lycanroc
  • Ground: Flygon
  • Flying: Braviary
  • Bug: Heracross
  • Poison: Alolan Muk
  • Dark: Absol
  • Ghost: Sableye
  • Ice: Mamoswine 
  • Steel: Mamoswine 
  • Dragon: Haxorus
  • Fairy: Togekiss
Published Sep. 6th 2017

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