Short Cube World Tutorial Videos to Get You Started

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These first seven slides contain YouTube user Wintergore's short introductory tutorials for Cube World. The 8th slide contains Force Strategy Gaming's crafting guide for those of you looking for some extra instruction on making use of Cube World's in-depth crafting system.

This first video covers getting started with navigating your way using the map, as well as an introduction to crafting.


This short video shows how to farm unlimited ore using map seed number 7661989.

Wintergore's third video shows how to get a pet to help you in combat or to use as a mount.


Take advantage of the double jump glitch to get more out of your adventuring!

A look at Cube World's weapon customization system and making your own personal weapon designs.


Taking your character customization that much further with armor design customization.

Force Strategy Gaming's slightly more detailed look at Cube World's crafting system.


Looking to install custom skins into your game? Wintergore (featuring a Finn from Adventure Time skin) shows how to get your own custom skins in-game. More information and the custom launcher can be found in those Cube World Forum thread.

Published Jul. 13th 2013

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