Into the Breach Mechs Guide

Learn what mechs and custom squads are the best with the help of this guide to Into the Breach.

Mechs are an integral part of Into the Breach. Without mechs, you can't fight Veks and protect the pods. You also need pilots who will control the mechs, but there are some mechs that don't need pilots -- they are called Cyborgs.

Currently, there are 27 mechs in the game, which are classified into 9 squads. Different squads provide different strategies for fighting the Veks. If you want to know the best mechs in the game and how to choose the best custom squad for your missions, then follow our guide below.

Best Mechs and Loadouts in Into the Breach

Squad selection screen in Into the Breach

Default squads are good, and they need to be unlocked with the help of coins if you want to get new mechs. However, the most efficient squads are custom ones. But before making up the most OP custom squad, first let's take a look at the most powerful mechs available in the game.

Ice Mech

This is a ranged mech that belongs to the Frozen Titans squad, and besides having flying, which allows it to move over any type of tile in the game, it also has one of the best weapons in the game -- Cryo-Launcher.

This weapon freezes any enemy in the distance, but it also freezes the mech itself. For this reason, you need a good pilot, such as Mafan, who can provide it with protective shield and thus make it immune to self-freezing -- a truly winning combo.

Laser Mech

The prime Zenith Guard mech is another great choice for offensive strategy. It carries a powerful Burst Beam that can reach distant targets. However, you also need to upgrade it to make your allies immune to the beam. Any good pilot will fit this mech.

Combat Mech

This is your default Rift Walkers mech, but it has also proven to be one of the best in the game. Its Titan Fist ability, which isn't particularly strong in its initial form, can be upgraded to Dash, which will be able to punch through any target in the distance.

The best pilot for Combat Mech is Gana. He can deploy the mech anywhere on the map and deal damage to adjacent enemies.

Judo Mech

Every squad needs a tank, and Judo Mech is the best tank available. It has a lot of HP, which you can also increase, and it has the Vice Fist ability, which allows him to disrupt and throw enemies behind him. Pilot him with the help of Henry Kwan for better positioning.

Boulder Mech

Another great strategy is to disrupt the enemies from spawning at the beginning. For this, you need an artillery, which is the main purpose of the Boulder Mech, which throws rocks. Pilot it with either Silica or Archimedes.

Charge Mech

Bullying is not the most elegant strategy, but it's definitely efficient. The Charge Mech can run into any target, heavily damaging the target and itself in the process. So give it Abe Isamu as a pilot, and reduce the self-damage with the help of his Armored ability.

Rocket Mech

The last one is the ranged Rocket Mech, with artillery and smoke effect. It sends the missiles with smoke and completely disorients the Veks. Camila Vera is the best pilot for this mech due to her anti-smoke ability, which will protect the mech from hurting itself.

Best Custom Squad in Into the Breach

Deploying the best squad and best mechs in Into the Breach

The best squad you can build is the one you can get as early in the game as possible. This means that you need powerful mechs that cost very little. Here are three mechs that should do it for you early in the game:

  • Combat Mech
  • Rocket Mech
  • Boulder Mech

This squad will cost you only 5 coins and will give you a massive advantage early in the game. Every mech in this squad is a demolition machine designed to deal a lot of damage.

Combat Mech is the bread and butter of this squad, so throw it right into the thick of the battle, preferably right near the Veks. The other two serve as artillery mechs, so place them on the two opposite edges of the map.

Obviously, your Combat Mech should have a large health pool, so upgrade that first. Then, upgrade reactors on your two artillery mechs for even more damage output.

Focus on killing Veks and removing obstacles in your path, and you should do really well.


With the help of this guide, you will now be able to choose the best mechs for your pilots and squads, and for other Into the Breach guides at GameSkinny, please visit the links below:


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Published Mar. 9th 2018

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