13 fan-made Kingdom Hearts musical arrangements that will break your feels

3. "'Twas a Sunset of Marmalade"

While they admit that coining titles isn't their strong suit, dreadjoker10 has certainly found their niche at the piano. Combining Twilight Town favorites "At Dusk, I Will Think of You" and "Lazy Afternoons," they've created a bittersweet lullaby that's equal parts heartwarming and breaking.

What this brings us back to . . . 

"Day 352: Us and the Sunset

Me and Xion and Axel had ice cream. The sunset was beautiful.
I don't have to write anything else down, because I'll never forget this day."

That was one of the last excerpts from the diary Roxas kept throughout 358/2 Days. This piece feels specifically connected to that last sunset they were able to share together. While nostalgia for the old days was enough to briefly bring Roxas, Axel, and Xion back to the clock tower amidst the Organization's foreboding plots, their time together was increasingly tainted with sadness, mistrust, and anguish.

"'Twas a Sunset of Marmalade" is their time together. It may have been twisted by secrets and impossible decisions, but it still pulled at emotions they didn't know they could even experience. This arrangement beautifully orchestrates the deep sadness permeating Roxas's time with Organization XIII.

Published Jun. 25th 2015

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