13 fan-made Kingdom Hearts musical arrangements that will break your feels

4. "Destiny Islands"/"Missing You"

HypochondriacPiano brings us back to Sora, Riku, and Kairi's home on Destiny Islands, taking the soothing tropical number and easing down its tempo. About two minutes into "Destiny Islands," the key and the listeners drop somberly into "Missing You." The transition is seamless and chilling.

What this brings us back to . . .

The arrangement arguably puts us in Kairi's shoes between the events of Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II. She has returned to Destiny Islands, her home, and everything's been left unchanged...except for her. The Kairi that finds the paopu fruit addition to the drawing in the secret place is not the one that drew Sora in the first place. She's back, but it feels like an empty homecoming. The choice to slow down "Destiny Islands" represents Kairi's reflections on these feelings.

And then, of course, there's the question of whether or not Destiny Islands even feels like home to her anymore without Sora and Riku. "Missing You" is full of her longing to be with them again.

Published Jun. 25th 2015

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