13 fan-made Kingdom Hearts musical arrangements that will break your feels

5. "Roxas's Theme" (Violin and Piano Duet)

Piano powerhouse Lara6688 and incredibly gifted violinist Taylor Davis team up to weave together a masterful rendition of Roxas's theme, as featured in Kingdom Hearts II.

What this brings us back to . . .

When it comes to sad moments, Roxas has an endless supply. It's hard to choose just one when his theme seems to capture the full range of his experiences throughout the series. For this reason, Taylor and Lara's performance reminds me most of the end of Roxas' seven days in the simulated Twilight Town.

As Roxas returns to Sora and realizes his "summer vacation is...over," his theme undercuts the brutal heartbreak of gaining some semblance of a normal independent life before losing it all to those who consider him to only be a "a tool," at best.

Published Jun. 25th 2015

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