13 fan-made Kingdom Hearts musical arrangements that will break your feels

7. "Kairi"

Project Destati takes Kairi's short, sweet refrain and elevates it into a masterpiece. Each movement artfully pulls the listener through all the emotions that Kairi hasn't been allowed to fully express in-game.

What this brings us back to . . .

Not that I'm salty, but Kairi hasn't exactly been the poster child of positive female representation in the series. She's constantly pushed to the side, captured, or forgotten. This song reminds me of all of her best moments, like when she dives right into Axel's corridor of darkness, or when she shows Riku's true form to Sora, or even back in the original game when she shoves her way through a group of Heartless to save Sora after he turns into a Shadow.

It also gives me hope for Kairi's future. If her theme can express complex emotions, or just be active and engaged in general, maybe Kairi can too.

Published Jun. 25th 2015

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