What Happened To Justin Carter, League of Legends "Terrorist"

Justin Carter made his $500k bail thanks to anonymous donor, and now awaits trial after an unsuccessful move to quash his case.

Those of you who remember Justin Carter, the kid who made some incredibly intense comments about shooting up a kindergarten after a bad League of Legends game, have probably heard a couple of things since his arrest in February, 2013.

Justin Carter will now face trial on a felony terrorist threat charge after his comments on Facebook were given to Austin police by a concerned Canadian.

He and his parents live in New Braunfels, TX, and Carter was transferred there after his arrest at his workplace in San Antonio; his bond was increased from $250k to half a million dollars. During his four months in Comal County Jail, Carter was sexually assaulted and beaten. 

You'll remember that a warrant was issued for the search of Carter's home--there was no further evidence of any terroristic activity; Carter didn't own any weapons, though two years prior, an ex-girlfriend at his high school had filed a temporary restraining order after he threatened to hurt himself, kill her, and shoot up their school. Carter's Facebook activity shows a long history of suicidal thoughts and dark humor.

All that aside, no other evidence convicting Carter exists. The entire case is based off of three Facebook comments. You can see in the image to the left that there isn't any context given; according to the Dallas Observer,

Flanary believes it's paramount that if someone is criminally charged on the basis of his words, a jury needs to see all the words. In this case, that includes whatever comment precipitated Carter's hyperbolic rant.

Don Flanary, Carter's attorney, has a point.

All we see here are three very damning comments, but that's all anyone sees. According to Flanary, the grand jury didn't even see the first part of Carter's first comment, where he's "f*cked up in the head, alright..."--all the prosecutor showed was the part about Carter shooting up a kindergarten. No one has been able to obtain the entire thread.

"When you're dealing with speech... it is absolutely, 100 percent important that the words that you are charging people with are actually the words that they said and not some misrepresentation. And that's what ... this prosecutor did, is misrepresent to the grand jury what he said."

During his time in jail, though he did have a court-appointed attorney, Carter was questioned by New Braunfels detectives in an attempt to get his confession. It's important to understand that as long as a person has legal representation, it's fairly shady for cops to try and interview them without that attorney present, much less aware of the questioning.

Carter's attorney at the time was unaware that he was being interviewed by detectives. Coerced by the detective's promise of release, Carter confessed to making the comments, though he did not confess any sort of intent. This confession alone doubled his bond and lead to another transfer back to Comal County Jail, where Carter was sexually assaulted.

It was after this period where Don Flanary offered his services pro bono (for free), and an anonymous donor paid Carter's $500k bond.

News of his case also went global, which drew a lot of attention to the nature of Carter's arrest; if you've ever seen the movie Minority Report, this is eerily similar. Carter was arrested not because he had actually committed a crime, but because he had (presumably) made a joke about committing a crime.

I believe that New Braunfels detectives are aware of their lack of evidence against Carter. It's notable that after Flanary offered his services and news went viral, detectives offered Carter ten years probation--that's a pretty significant reduction from the eight years in prison he was originally facing, but Flanary says he was insulted by the deal. He moved to have the case dismissed in December, but the motion was denied.

Carter faces a felony terrorist threat charge and could receive up to eight years in prison.

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Published Feb. 13th 2014
  • Unonimous
    Thanks God I am not American
  • Bobby_2684
    This is absolutely ridiculous. I jokingly say all kinds of crazy stuff, when I'm feigning or exaggerating the "sore loser" perspective. What happened to freedom of speech?
  • Russell shipp
    Thank you for keeping up with this very important story in a realistic non bias way. As a fellow of the same town who has dealt with the same authorites i follow it quite closely. Good article yall. From texas to longuile.
  • Russell shipp
  • marie_9101
    Well thats funny, the comments made were apparently deleted according to facebook hmm, also he wrote lol jk beside it. i dont see that there ..also does not show the bulling comments made by the other person that provoked a silly comment..i mean. Yes he should have though about what he was writting but sometimes people say stupid things angry things when gaming and being bullied does not help!! .and if the kid is thinking about killing himself its from the beating and abuse he got while in jail..i have being following this story and the face book comments u have there well,sure there is no date even on it???I think he has suffered enough at this stage and realizes his stupid mistake...and people say worst than that online every fracking day...
  • Paul Vu
    Well this idiot gets what he deserves for pleading GULITY(sort of he confessed to making the comments) All you have to do is say I DO NOT RECALL making those comments, and that have a much weaker case against you.
  • Paul Vu
    "Nothing wrong? He threatened to shoot children and eat one of their hearts. I'm sorry, but that's fucked up. Freedom of speech is one thing; spewing that kind of violence is another entirely. "

    Freedom of Speech is an illusion
  • malgrumm
    i find this rather stupid on the USA judicial system's side....only showing part of the post he made to the jury is not only wrong, but also rather illegal. and if the kid has had a history of suicidal thoughts and tendencies instead of throwing him in a regular Texan jail where he was being beaten up supposedly sexually assaulted he should have been placed him in a mental hospital where he could have been properly assessed...
  • marie_9101
  • Concerned Citizen
    This man is going to be raped for his comments, and then most likely murdered. While this woman sits comfortably in her home, thinking she has done a service to man kind. All this young man needed was help, but now because of his WORDS ON THE INTERNET he will be raped and tortured by the very government who has sworn to uphold justice. This world is under the will of Satan the devil, I pray Jesus Comes to punish us all. May you all be blessed. Good day.
  • Darius_8515
    Peoples you are really stupid. Old motherf**kers and noobs who never play video games for real won't understand what is "gaming rage". You know what? you should put more than 100mln peoples in prison for writing shit as he did. sentence - "Killing kids in garden?" wow. its a freaking butterflies
    compared what I have seen in all my gaming time. He was beaten and molested in prison? good job jury - you just f**ked up his life. P.S. rage in video games makes me calm down. I just unleash all my hatred accumulated in this poor, noobish, useless real life ;) p.s. you should put America's military general and comparable rank officers to prison till death for killing a lot of innocent peoples and kids in the name of "homeland defense" or some lies like this.
    I'm not threatening, I have no purpose to harm/kill someone. I just wrote my thoughts how sad this story is.
  • marie_9101
  • Alex_9947
    This little story is nice and all, but you forgot to mention the AVO his OTHER ex, Irene had on him when he beat the crap out of her and broke her arm.
  • AA99
    It's so funny that this article CONVENIENTLY excludes the part where, right after the "beating hearts" thing, he says "lol" and "j k". THAT. IS. BULLSHIT!!! Report the accurate facts and information. What, is this kid going to jail for having a dark and dumb sense of humour? Yes it's a stupid comment, but if you look at the actual REAL conversation (not just what they show in the photo) it's pretty clear that he was kidding.
  • dont worry about it
  • J_9033
    Nothing wrong? He threatened to shoot children and eat one of their hearts. I'm sorry, but that's fucked up. Freedom of speech is one thing; spewing that kind of violence is another entirely.
  • Gene_1587
    People who agree w this enforcement have never had their freedom taken away. He is a kid and did nothing wrong and had no way of doing harm. The leos should have their own kids lives ruined w bogus incarcerations.
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    I never saw those comments back when the story first came out. Those are wayyyyyy worse that what I originally thought. It would still be much nicer to see the context before and after those comments and see more info about his past... creepy actions. I think if anything, he needs to go to a mental hospital for a good bit, get his head back on straight. Maybe what he's been through thus far is enough to snap him out of it. Not much common sense is present when you say something like that.
  • Coatedpolecat
    Featured Correspondent
    I forgot about this guy. Maybe this will make some people think twice edited throwing out death threats.
  • Germ_the_Nobody
    Thank you for the update. I can't believe this is still going on. It's ridiculous. I'm also curious what happened with the kid in the same situation from Runescape.

    That is interesting that he had made a similar threat to do a shootout at his school years before though.
  • Game Oracle
    Nice article. I prefer in depth articles, with insightful analysis of the facts, also. Well done. This should go nicely with my full length, in depth article concerning video game violence. I am going to try to contact people for interviews. People directly involved in some of the events in the article and around the world. Fortunately, I have free phone service, around North America.

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