Grand Theft Auto 5's Graphics Are Much Worse After 1.08 Update

Reddit posts claim GTA V graphics suffered a downgrade after update 1.08.

Next-Gen Grand Theft Auto 5's graphics suffer upon the release of update 1.08, or so they say. Many GTA players have been reporting downgrades in the graphics on Grand Theft Auto 5 on Reddit since the new update came out. When brought to Rockstar Support's attention it was suggested to uninstall and then reinstall the new update but according to a few people who decided to try it, it was a joke.

Some people even went as far as to say it was like playing on the previous generation consoles.

          (Grand Theft Auto 5 graphics before and after update 1.08.)

When the graphics of the game before and after the update were compared, you could visibly see a difference. People who agree with the claim say that car deformation was missing, and a few other key graphics were removed in the update as well.

After update 1.09 came to players people began to report that car deformation had been restored to the next-gen consoles, however, it was only the start as there were still key graphics missing from the game.


Published Mar. 26th 2015

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