8 Games so Amazingly Awful You Have to Play Them

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1. Deadly Premonition 

PS3, 360, Windows

Holding the Guinness world record for "most polarizing survival horror game," Deadly Premonition has all the qualities of a bad title. Cheesy dialogue, bad controls, terrible graphics -- if you can think it, it's probably there.

However, upon release many websites deemed it to be the video game equivalent of Twins Peak. Yes, it's a technically bad game clearly developed on a low budget, but there's just something about it that serves as enjoyment for those who own a copy. 

Perhaps it's the mysteriously oddball murder mystery narrative woven between the glitches. Maybe there's just a lovable charm to it all. Whatever the reason may be, Deadly Premonition has received scores all over the place, ranging  from a 2/10 by IGN to a 10/10 by Destructoid. Some of you who take this list into consideration may be turned off by all the bad qualities this game has to offer, but there may just be as many people who wind up loving it. 

Did I miss a game you love to hate? Be sure to comment with your own suggestions below! After all, many of us love to hate terrible video games, so let's try to find as many games as we can that we hate to love! 

Published May. 3rd 2016

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