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Which League of Legends champion would you want to be?

posted by (Contributor) 7 years ago

League of Legends has a really large roster of characters, and even if you don't play the game you can take a look at the art and see which champion appeals to you.

So if you could be any League of Legends champion in real life, who would you pick?

  • Wokendreamer
    Featured Columnist
    Kassadin would be my easy choice.

    Riftwalking would make so much so easy.
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    I'm a Vi top player
  • DpBallistiXx
    Gotta be Katarina, ninja skills and the ability to teleport behind people, it'd be hilarious!
  • Ashley Shankle
    Associate Editor
    Nunu. I could just ride Willump everywhere and could just experience Winter anytime of the year -- as long as no one interrupts my channeling.
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    I know hes all I play because I'm just too lazy to try and learn all the other champs, but I would be Jax. Have you ever read his backstory? Pretty freaking awesome.

    The main jist? He was basically a gladiator that no one could beat. So to handicap him they gave him a candle stick to fight with. He got even better using the candle stick so he just kept using it... Badass.
  • GS_Mike
    I think I'd go for Twisted Fate. Awesome outfit, explosive Gambit cards, and the ability to teleport. What else do you need?
  • JediSange
    Featured Contributor
    Definitely Darius. Why? Because he dunks harder than Shaq. Imagine the career he would have in the NBA.

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