FLYFF All Stars - FLYFF Online is back as Mobile 3D Action RPG

The legendary MMORPG FLYFF Online is back as mobile 3D Action RPG, FLYFF All Stars.

It has been confirmed that Gala Lab Corporation is about to launch FLYFF All Stars, one of its three mobile titles using FLYFF Online IP. 

FLYFF All Stars is a free-to-play 3D action RPG where the players form a team of three unique heroes, travel many dungeons, and go on an exciting RPG adventure. If you are a FLYFFer or a fan of other RPGs, you will find this title very engaging and entertaining. It is also integrated with Mobblo, the social platform developed by Gala Lab Corp, which promotes social interactions between the players.

FLYFF All Stars will be launched in mid-December 2014. Right now, the pre-signup event is on here, so do not miss out this great chance to start ahead of others! Find out more on the official fan page.

Ready yourself to jump into the new world of FLYFF All Stars and enjoy the awesome feeling of an MMORPG on your mobile device very soon.


Joyce Kim is a game expert with 10 years of gaming experience. She is working in a Japanese game company based in Tokyo and Seoul, and in charge of introducing well-made Japanese games to worldwide users.

Published Dec. 9th 2014
  • pau_3190
    Yes im so excited to play flyff allstar im a flyffer for 8years and im hoping that flyff all star is like the old ones thanks :D

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