Doomtown: No Turning Back Spoilers

No Turning Back will release on June 29th and will bring plenty of new ideas to the table.

No Turning Back is the next saddlebag to come out for Doomtown: Reloaded in a few more weeks, but there are already a few spoilers out there.

Jacqueline Isham (Whizzwang)

Jacqueline makes the first King that's not a faction leader. She's a drifter with an excellent price at only 3 Ghost Rock and no upkeep. Isham provides a cheap early gun similar to Ramiro, but without the upkeep and the constant pay. Instead, she doesn't start with a stud rating for her two bullets, but each time you "defend" a shootout, she will become a stud.

All she has to do is join a posse with a mark in it or oppose a job. This means she can join a regular shootout against one of your dudes, join a job targeting one of your dudes, or just oppose a town square job and she will become a stud. She's great if you're looking to start some more bullets in your starting posse for defensive measures. She won't be near as good when your opening moves tend to be more offensive.

Since she's a cheap King, there will be room to add her to your deck build if you're looking to boost the number of Kings in your deck without having to bring along the high-cost "leaders."

Harry Highbinder (AEG)

Harry has the unique ability to allow you to control town square. This allows a load of new options for the Square-loving Sloane Gang. When you control town square, you can buy goods directly to your dudes. You will be able to invent in Town Square, if you mix that sort of thing with your Sloane build.

He also has some of the cheapest influence available for a Sloane dude so far. Yes, he has two upkeep, but his influence and Jake Smiley can support your entire starting posse.

Consecration (Run4Games)

Consecration is the first Miracle with a Cheatin' Resolution on it. This resolution is easy to cast and gives a dude +2 bullets, +2 influence and he becomes a stud until after Sundown.

If your opponent cheats, even in lowball, it's a great way to have that extra influence you need to take control of town or hold on for another turn. If you also happen to be in a shootout, it will also reduce your casualties by 3. This adds to all the ways Blessed already have to avoid casualties, but this one is a cheatin' resolution, so you will be able to know if you need it instead of Shield of Faith or Holy Roller where you have to guess you might be losing by a few ranks.

The Asyncoil Gun is another invention with the experimental keyword. That means you'll have to make a pull and have it not be a club in order to receive the benefit. The Asyncoil is cheaper than a shotgun with more bullets and a discard instead of an ace.

There are few dudes with enough bullets to really take advantage of the gun, but Remy Lapointe and either Elander Boldman can make things interesting.

The original Elander can give the weapon +3 bullets if you're sticking with the clubless deck design. If you use the experienced Elander, you'll be able to use the gun twice, get +1 bullets and turn the dude into a stud. With all that, Elander will stand back up, effectively ignoring part of his cost for his ability.

Ol' Fashioned Hangin' (Strange Assembly)

Ol' Fashioned Hangin' is the job the Law Dogs have been waiting for. For one Ghost Rock, you can start a job that will ace the mark if successful. The job doesn't even need the leader to boot. The leader gains a control point if you're able to finish the job. 

With Desolation Row, an opponent will easily put the bounty on their dudes for you. The Evidence can also easily set up a target for a Hangin. You don't even need to be Law Dogs to run a bounty based job anymore, although, it does help.

Huntsmen's Society (Team Covenant)

The Huntsmen's Society is another deed in the incredibly strong Jack slot. High rank decks such as The Fourth Ring will find plenty of value being able to reduce the upkeep on their high value dudes. While this deed only provides one income each turn, it will quickly make its value back by taking a point of upkeep from each of your high value dudes.

It covers same and adjacent locations, so this deed can cover your dudes at home and in Town Square if you build it right next to your home.

Secured Stockyard (Doomtown Archives)

The Secured Stockyard is a deed that has to be invented. It shares value and the same idea behind the Auto Cattle-Feeder from the core set. It even shares the same difficulty level as the feeder.

Once you've used the ability on the ranch, it's a deed that is capable of earning two Ghost Rock each turn for only a 1 Ghost Rock investment. If you manage to get Kyle Wagner over to the ranch, you'll be able to get a 3 Ghost Rock return off a 1 cost deed. 

Rapier (AEG)

The Rapier is the next addition to the melee weapons in the game. It also adds one point of value to the dude carrying it.

With +2 bullets, the Rapier is a steal for bullet value, you just have to hope there won't be any unbooted ranged weapons in the opponents posse. If you're able to boot those weapons with cards such as Unprepared, the downside of carrying a melee weapon can be made negligible.

The new Marion Seville can become a 5-Stud with the Rapier and boot one of those pesky non-melee weapons keeping the Rapier at zero bullets.

Scoop Hound (AEG)

The Scoop Hound is another sidekick, but the rank is a lot higher than normal. At a ten, the Scoop Hound competes with several movement cards such as Shadow Walk and Walk the Path. If you're not into all those movement abilities or you just don't want someone bringing in a high-power dude with The Stakes Just Rose, the Scoop Hound will solve your problems. She is also good at keeping the enemy from running away from fights.

The list of cards she can stop is already expansive. It will also stop cards that bring Gunslingers into play at the shootout location. If you're looking to fight on your terms instead of letting your opponent bring dudes in and out of play, the Scoop Hound is right for you.

Elander Boldman Exp.

Elander Boldman is the next dude to see some experience and with that experience comes a lawn mower sized dart gun. His experienced version gains an influence, an upkeep and a rank of Mad Science. He will be the first Mad Scientist with a 3 skill! The three points allow certain gadgets, such as the Plasma Drill to pass its own pull. It also allows you to build a deck around the Gadgetorium with a little more wiggle room on the values you want to include.

Elander also has a shootout ability that unboots a gadget. It can be a gadget in the shootout or outside of the shootout. This opens up some interesting combinations as it might let you unboot that Quaterman that hasn't been doing much since he booted to move. The Flame-Thrower is probably one of the most interesting combos here as that dudes bullets can reach astronomical highs if you have the Ghost Rock for it.

Coming Soon!

No Turning Back should hit stores on June 29th. Stay tuned for all the spoilers up until the packs release.


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Published Jun. 18th 2020

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