League of Legends 3.10 patch notes are out

League of Legends 3.10 patch notes released.

The League of Legends 3.10 patch notes were just tweeted out and this patch is pretty extensive.


The following characters have received modifications.

  • Ashe - Extra Focus stacks bug has been removed and Focus has been buffed to compensate.
  • Elise - Spiderling changes, reducing hp, but increasing armor based on form. Spiderlings lower slightly after Elise on Rappel and the Rappel bugs were fixed.
  • Fiddlesticks - Crowstorm no longer lowers Baron Nashor's magic resist.
  • Fizz-  Rapid casting bug fixed.
  • Karthus - Lay Waste and Defile modifications.
  • Master Yi - Extensive modifications to his whole build.
  • Nami - Aqua Prison bug fixed.
  • Poppy - Heroic Charge bugs fixed.
  • Ryze - Ability range decreased but compensated for with increased movement speed.
  • Thresh - Lowered base health and armor. Damnation souls now grant a static bonus of 0.75
  • Twisted Fate - Loaded Dice is no longer a global effect. Pick a Card timers changed 8 seconds to lock 4 seconds to throw.
  • Udyr - Spirit Guard Udyr has new death animations.
  • Vayne - Condemn range bug fixed. Final Hour cooldown has been increased.
  • Warwick - Infinite Duress bug fixed.
  • Zac - Elastic Slingshot damage reduction.

There were also general changes preventing charge skills from being used when taunted, and basic attacks that don't break shields now count towards assist credit.


Several item changes have been implemented. The biggest change is Runic Bulwark has been removed from the game. Aegis of the Legion now builds into Locket of the Iron Solari. Several other recipe changes have been implemented including Guardian Angel, Banshee's Veil, and Spirit Visage.

Monsters and map adjustments.

Monster spawn times have been slightly increased in Summoner's Rift jungle region, experience gain has been modified to compensate. Baron Nashor's Voracious Corrosion no longer reduces attack by 50% instead it now reduces inflicted target's damage dealt to Baron Nashor directly. Purple Team turrets no longer have an unintended bonus 10 armor. Outer turrets, in general, start the game with higher armor that diminishes after 4 minutes and fully diminishes after another 4 minutes to a base armor of 60 instead of 54.

For complete information on all changes, including the ones I covered here please refer to the official site.

Published Jul. 30th 2013

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