Dong Nguyen Announces Flappy Bird Removal From App Store

Insanely popular mobile game "Flappy Bird' to be taken down tomorrow.

Dong Nguyen, the creator of Flappy Bird, has been getting a lot of hate and a lot of attention. His game has been called a lot of things -- the successor for Angry Birds, a squalid grace, and a rip-off of other games. He's commented before that this success is unwanted (estimates put Flappy Bird at making around $50,000 a day) and that it is out of his control. 

Today (Feburary 8, at 2 PM) he announced that he was taking down Flappy Bird in 22 hours. He has stated that it is not because of legal issues, but because he "cannot keep it up anymore." 

Flappy Bird has so far achieved extreme commercial success, and the Vietnamese developer Nguyen has received a lot of requests from different developers, apparel owners, and companies to monetize the game further, requests that he has ignored or disregarded. He has even refused to speak to press about the game. 

Today, the pressure apparently became too much, because he tweeted

He's also stated that he will not be selling Flappy Bird. It does seem like this is the death knell for the incredibly popular game. 

Nguyen has since tweeted that he intends to continue making games, but it is clear that he is done with Flappy Bird

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Published Feb. 8th 2014

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